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The new work laptop arrived. I must admit the machine is really fast. I must also admit that it impressed me, but not in the normal way.

The resolution of the screen is not impressive to an old curmudgeon like myself since it resembles A4 in landscape. That might impress the new cool kids so they can watch their landscape youtube, not for me. Personally, I'd rip it off the base and turn it 90degrees, perfect for reading.

Being a wide screen of its dimensions it is not that useful for 80x24 terminals without using tiny fonts and hurting posture but it is workable, turn off all menus and task bars etc. evilwm for the win.

Still, maybe hooking a monitor up would be the sensible thing to do.

What about hooking up a PKI reader to the ExpressCard slot perhaps? That'd doable, here's the slot:

Here's the blanking plate:

| ---- | ---- | ||