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Recently (2012-07-27) I purchased a Nikon D7000 DSLR for 655GBP. This is an amazing upgrade from a Nikon D60.

The D7000 is intended as a replacement for a d90 (body) mid 2010, which replaced the D80 mid 2008, which replaced the D70s mid 2006, which replaced the D70 at the beginning of 2005.

The main difference for me with the D7000 is that the body includes a motor and a CMOS sensor. The D60 had a CCD senor and not such good automatic white balance. Some photographs wouldn't have the correct balance for my liking. That sort of trouble is all very much in the past for me now.

Controls on the D7000 have different positioning and there's a welcomed LCD display at the top right of the body which tells me various bits of critical information, shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

With body motor I'm now able to use some fantastic Nikkor D lenses which were not an option before as they'd only operate in a purely manual mode. The range finder would help provide me with some focus information but the rest was up to me, which isn't helpful in a sport/pet photography sense.

There are two SD slots on the body, allowing for storage in three different modes:

  1. Overflow (raid0)
  2. Backup (raid1)
  3. or mixed, so stills go to one card and video to the other.

The D7000 includes several shooting modes on the top right dial, a new mode for me is quiet shutter, which wasn't present on the D60 (and maybe not the D90 too).

single point focus

One of the nice things about the D60 was that there were only three focus points to choose from, left, middle or right. On the D7000 there are 39. I'm not the sort of person who wishes to let the camera choose which area should be in focus, especially with subjects such as chickens which move too quickly. It look a little figuring out as it wasn't immediately obvious to me where or how to change this.

At the front of the camera there is a AF/M toggle switch. On top of the switch there is a button, you need to hold this and turn the front command dial until the LCD at the top of the screen shows a small dot in the window rather than the matrix.