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    One of the perks that I had when starting a new role with a IT company was Prudential Health membership. This is a quite a good benefit as it means my bicycle commute can give me returns in the form of Starbucks drinks or money off at Evans cycle (every three years when buying a new bike). Interestingly though, the cost of cycling is probably about the same as driving a banger to work. This is due to all the clothes that you need for winter cycling, oil for chains, repairs and general faff keeping the bike in good order and drying clothes. Oh and showering twice a day can be a bit of a bind. However, it does mean that once I'm at work I'm fresh for the day as I've had some adrenalin and a good bit of cardiovascular work.

    So, anyway. Sometimes with the Vitality partner app "Moves" the points will not automatically appear on my statement. To track this, I've written a script that logs into the Member Zone, retrieves the statement, turns it into something that's easily parsed, stores it in VCS, then, optionally, you can put some point values into a data file that a checker script will look for, and print if they don't appear there in the time that Vitality allows (four weeks!).

    I'm not one for putting my password and username into scripts, so you can change these in the VUSER and VPASS environment variables within vitality.sh.

    You'll need perl, bash/dash to run. I've stored the password in a gpg file, but that's just what I preferred to do. If you want to make use of the versioning side of things then you can download p4, install and set it up. I like to do this as the way this script works you'll easily see what's changed if you want to add a cron job or similar. I find a lot of things change around 8-9am BST. Your mileage may vary.

    The scripts can be downloaded from code/vitality.