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Today (2013-08-30) hundreds of thousands of b3ta newsletter followers would have received a mail from Rob Mauel.

For those who aren't in the know, b3ta is a bit of a shock-humour site, covering anything that's in the news, in a format that only the thickest of skins can handle. The content is all user submitted so anything goes really.

b3ta is ranked at 42,070 by netcraft. So, not really a small concern. The site would cover hosting fees through advertisements, in things like their newsletter.

Unlike other weeks, today's mail would not look so normal. Oh no, quite diabolical in-fact.

The normal message would look like this:


See, look how well it renders. All that lovely plain text, following happily, line after line.

Today's mail looked like this:


and a few minutes later, like this:


So, yahoo, why ruin yet another thriving community?